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Opening hours: Mon to Fri 8.30am to 5.00pm. They are generally better at cutting hard, dry wood, and require less cutting effort. However the flat anvil surface does crush fine stems. Made from quality materials and equipped with the most innovating features, the … SKU: 184852 $ 48.99 each. You'll be amazed at how much difference sharp blades make. Safety catch. Lay out the pieces in order so you can remember how to put it back together. Don't try to cut oversize branches - you could distort the secateurs or break the handles. Check this before you buy. Secateurs that are bolted together (rather than riveted) can be taken apart for cleaning and sharpening or replacing the blade. The pointed blades can also. $79.95. Choose a pair that fits your hand comfortably. But if they fit your hand poorly, open too wide, or if the spring is too powerful, your hand will quickly tire and you may get blisters. Lay the bevelled edge flat against the whetstone and pull it towards you repeatedly. Twisting and wrenching the blades will break the ratchet or dislocate the gears. Secateurs are the main hand tool for most small pruning and deadheading jobs. Also look at how the spring is enclosed. All NZ resident online orders, over the total invoice value of $250 (excluding ladders and overweight items), receive FREE SHIPPING nationwide. The Consumer guide to buying garden loppers and secateurs. Anvil or bypass? Types of secateurs. Models with rotating handles are designed to reduce strain in the wrist when there is a lot of pruning to be done. Pruning diseased plants? Or visit our Technical support page Fiskars P83 PowerStep. Do you need a pivot adjuster? 2WP Ratchet Secateur, Loppers & Long Reach Garden Tools in NZ for 25 years. Left-handed and right-handed secateurs are available. From £57.50. Are you one of those gardeners that has to buy a new pair of secateurs … REGULAR MAINTENANCE IS THE KEY TO A LONG PARTNERSHIP WITH YOUR FAVOURITE TOOLS. Comfort and grip. Use a whetstone or diamond sharpener. Words: Nadene Hall. These cut like an axe on to a cutting block. It’s safe to prune most roses over the winter because New Zealand … Carry it to where you're working and make a point of putting each tool back in the bucket after you've used it. Order online today. But a pair of anvil secateurs would be a useful addition, especially if you cut lots of hard woody stems. The best secateurs for this type of work is a pair of anvil secateurs. When choosing a pair of secateurs, one of your first decisions is which type to get: Bypass secateurs. They're like a giant pair of short-bladed scissors. A real frustration for secateur users is a pivot that keeps coming loose. Bahco Bypass Lopper 600mm 'Super Light' $199.90 View Product. So, it’s only appropriate to talk about the rose’s winter pruning needs. The main advantage of bypass blades is that they can cut delicate stems without causing bruising to the stem being trimmed. I have reviewed some of what I think are the best cordless electric secateurs. These handy, easy to use secateurs are a valuable piece of gardening … Garden hand tools direct to the public. Using secateurs that are too big gets tiring very quickly. Professionals … Niwaki Tokusen Secateurs 165mm. SKU: 268006 $ 27.98 each. READ MORE: * How and when to prune peach, nectarine, apricot and plum trees * How and when to prune apple, pear and cherry trees * How and when to prune Hybrid Tea roses in New Zealand. Keep them handy When you find the perfect pair of secateurs that cut with precision and fit your hand to a T you'll want to hang on to them for as long as you can. Bright colours make it easy to find a dropped pair of secateurs. Squeezing and releasing the handles several times to engage the ratchet requires less force than a single cut as you make gradual process through the stem in several stages. Many brands of secateurs come in both right- and left-handed models. Some models will need to be taken apart. We've done the research so you don't have to. They work in much the same way as a knife on a cutting board. Visit us today for the widest range of Garden Cutting Tools products. If the secateurs come in sealed packaging ask to have it opened. When to use them: They can be used for everything that bypass secateurs can do but are particularly useful for woody stems as they are less likely to stick to the stem. With Flagship DualKut MK6 2-in-1 Secateurs, … Use loppers only on stems within the recommended diameter – up to around 3cm. For bypass secateurs, sharpen the bevelled sharp edge of the top blade. All in stock and delivered nationwide. Some anvil secateurs have a ratchet-type mechanism that reduces the effort required - you squeeze the handle several times to make a cut. You may find this easier if you dismantle the blade. ... Timaru, New Zealand … If you've removed diseased material from one plant wipe the cutting blades with methylated spirits before moving on to the next tree. Keep them sharp - blunt secateurs can damage a plant. The most popular shrub in Kiwi gardens is the rose. The most common type, bypass secateurs work like scissors - the plant rests on … Fiskars PowerGear™ X is a versatile family of tools that include pruners, loppers, hedge shears and tree pruners to cover most of the cutting needs in the garden. This site uses cookies to help us understand how visitors engage with our website. These are the most common type of secateurs. Check out our wide range of secateurs from brands you know & trust. Check that the safety catch is in an accessible position but doesn't automatically lock shut every time you close the blades which is maddening. Niwaki Tokusen Barracuda Secateurs. Ratchets and gears Take the strain out of pruning with geared or ratchet secateurs. Secateurs Bypass Pruners Stainless Steel McGregors $33.50. … Geared secateurs can help if you have a touch of arthritis or reduced strength and flexibility. You'll be using them often so make sure you get the right ones for the tasks you do most often. The cutting blade has a flat surface on one side that causes less damage to plant tissue than the curved side. Niwaki Pro Secateurs. Resist the temptation to cut material too thick for the tool just because you think you've got more power. A wrist strap also helps keep hold of them. New Zealand's favourite online home improvement store. Sticky resin from conifers or milky sap from euphorbias or star jasmine gums up the blades and makes handles tacky. For most gardeners, bypass secateurs are the best all-round option. Buy Now. The colder months are a good opportunity to cut back the jungle in your backyard, so choosing good cutting and pruning tools is never a waste of money. While Felco secateurs are my true love, there is room for lust with my gardening tools. From £132.50. From £74.17. But a pair of anvil secateurs would be a useful addition, especially if you cut lots of hard woody stems. That way they'll be less likely to end up at the bottom of the compost bin or in the skip on the way to the green-waste recycling centre. Clean off with a solvent like kerosene or isopropyl alcohol. Also referred to as pruners or pruning shears, secateurs look a little bit like a pair of scissors designed for … How and when to prune peach, nectarine, apricot and plum trees, How and when to prune apple, pear and cherry trees, How and when to prune Hybrid Tea roses in New Zealand, Photos show broken glass after gun fired at central Auckland rooftop bar, Straight out of Auckland: Families leaving behind the commutes, house prices and traffic of the city for a new life, US Election: Donald Trump attends rally to support Georgia senators, presses his own grievances instead, Military managed isolation sleaze: soldiers sent packing for inappropriate conduct, Participants demand compensation after fake money handed out at $100k giveaway, Missing man's body found in Ruahine Forest Park, As the world mourned Diego Maradona, a Spanish woman sat in quiet protest, Latrell Mitchell slams dual Australian anthem but former Wallabies get 'goosebumps', US ambassador Scott Brown, Trump's defender-in-chief, is leaving New Zealand with his own Kiwi dream, Anger, violence after fake money handed out in '$100k cash drop'. Visibility. Cuts are accurate with no bark tearing. Check that the handles don't open wider than you can comfortably stretch your hand. The best types are those with a separate locking tab (with teeth) that positively fixes the adjusting nut in place. Ratchet mechanism. After researching 49 pairs of pruners and testing 39 on a variety of flora, we think the Felco 2 Classic Manual Hand Pruner is the best pruner for most people. This reduces the force needed to make cuts. Niwaki GR Pro Lightweight Secateurs. Massive range available at New Zealand’s best prices. Look for one that can be tightened. Saturdays 9.00am to 12.00pm. If anvil secateurs are not properly sharpened, stems may be bruised or crushed. Tobisho SR-1 Secateurs. My favourite pair spent nine months mouldering in the compost bin but were pristine after a quick rinse when I found them again. The surface will get shiny as the blade sharpens. When to use them: Both anvil and bypass secateurs are available with ratchets and gears. Contact Us. Keep them sharp Secateurs can be professionally sharpened or you can do it yourself. The blade itself is sharpened on both sides and is designed to contact … Make cuts on a 45 degree angle just above the bud, so that water runs away from the bud. Choose a pair that fits your hand comfortably. The most common catch is a simple thumb-operated lever on one side. Sorry, you need to have JavaScript enabled to use our website. ... springs, or pins for your ratchet secateurs and loppers? Browse our list of the 10 best secateurs – with detailed lists of pros and cons, ease of cutting, weight and price. Whether you want to enjoy your life or decorate surroundings around you, we provide an array of styles to help you make a better choice of tree grafting tools online. Bypass loppers use a thin cutting blade that sweeps past a heavier hooked blade and shears off the branch. The Davaon Pro Switch 2 in 1 is a highly versatile set … Check out more of our tests, articles, news and surveys in our Home, heating & renovation section. MetroGreen features one of New Zealand's largest ranges of Secateurs, Loppers and Fruit Snips for the domestic gardener, commercial gardener or Landscaper. £132.50. They can be used for most cutting jobs from deadheading spent flowers to pruning thin branches. Find your suitable electric pruners sale from DHgate NZ site. Free shipping Quick view Auckland Closing on Saturday, 7 Nov. Freund Wavy Blade Hedge Shears #1954 Top Brands, Sharp Prices! Professionals tend to use anvil secateurs for commercial orchard pruning. Even if you have no physical difficulties, tools with good ergonomic design will help you garden longer. Pivot adjustment. There are three main types of secateurs; bypass, anvil and those with ratchets or gears. However, a jolt is felt at the end of each cut, they are not as easy to get into tight places (their lower blocks can get in the way), and it's difficult to cut side stems flush with the main stem. However, a lever catch that is loose or sticks out from the handle too far can accidentally engage during use. Avoid leaving tools in damp conditions to prevent rust forming. Bahco Bypass Secateur - Pressed Steel Handles 22cm. Many a pair of secateurs has been rendered useless by the spring popping out into the undergrowth never to be seen again. 03 482 1334. info@blueskinmowers.co.nz. Cut to the core of your gardening chores with our guide to buying garden loppers and secateurs. They can easily access tight spaces, and can cut branches off flush with the stem. Either wear a holster or builder's apron while working or carry small tools together in a bucket. Others have locking nuts, or screws that can loosen over time. 3. For most gardeners, bypass secateurs are the best all-round option. You should be able to open and close them easily without over-stretching your hand. Don't use a twisting action or you may bend the blade. By using Consumer NZ, you accept our use of cookies. COVID-19 Update to Customers All of our stores in New Zealand … Avoid twisting the loppers when you cut. Check out our range of Secateurs products at your local Bunnings Warehouse. From time to time dismantle the secateurs, and oil the pivot and moving parts. On some models the catch can be worked from either side or from on top of the handle, and can be used easily by left or right-handers. Niwaki Tokusen Secateurs 210mm. Choose a store for availability. That means you could go through best … Avoid those with cheap plastic handles but sturdy nylon and fibreglass handles do have the advantage of being rust free. GET IN TOUCH Contact us to arrange the best … electric pruners. £140.83. 965 Blueskin Rd Waitati 9085 Dunedin. New Zealand's Sole Importer, Master Distributor and Lead Service Provider. For anything over this, use a pruning saw. You should be able to get your loppers re-sharpened by a saw doctor or someone who sharpens or repairs tools. Anvil secateurs are less likely to need adjusting and the straight blade is easier to sharpen. Choose a store for availability. This is no good for the loppers or the plant. to learn how to enable JavaScript for your browser. And because of their symmetrical side-to-side construction, anvil secateurs are much easier for left-handers to use. Buy Now. In addition to selling our own branded products we also stock New Zealand and Japanese-made products. We’ve included bypass, anvil and ratchet types. Check that the locking catch on your preferred model can be worked easily with the thumb of whichever hand you use. to find out how JavaScript is used on Consumer. Hidehisa Garden Secateurs H-1 – Best secateurs: the dream pair Product Description. The Best Cordless Electric Secateurs Review. Buy Now. You can sharpen the cutting blades on a small oil stone. Free shipping Quick view China ... Free Shipping NZ Wide. Check the handles to make sure they will be comfortable to grip for extended periods. £124.17. Look for comfort grips and finger loops if your wrist and hand strength are compromised. The leverage you'll get depends on the length of the handles. Others have a sliding catch, usually operable from one side. 1. Davaon Pro Switch 2 in 1 Ratchet Secateurs. Bahco Bypass Lopper 750mm 'Super Light' $203.50 View Product. It's very easy to put them down part way through a job and never see them again. Secateurs are hand-held gardening tools used to prune plants, shrubs and trees. The GARDENA Secateurs are all robust, long lasting, but still lightweight products that offer the best cutting performance. With Flagship DualKut MK6 2-in-1 Secateurs, … For anvil types, sharpen both sides of the moving blade. Fiskars Fixed Blade saw. Don't put up with blunt loppers. Cut-and-hold secateurs have a nifty way of holding on to the cut pieces so they can be dropped straight into a wheelbarrow instead of falling to the ground to be collected later. Use loppers instead. Secateur blade designs. From £82.50. You'll be using them often so make sure you get the right ones for the tasks you do most often. There's a downside: the loppers are heavier and bulkier. Oil the surface of the whetstone. These Japanese secateurs are just to die for. Adjust by tightening the bolt holding the blades together. ARS Precision Pocket Secateurs 130DX Price per item: NZ $ 61.99 Read More Add To Bag ARS Professional Pruning Shears VS-8Z Price per item : NZ $ 109.00 They feature a unique, single handed … Cheap pruner shears might be everywhere but these in nz.dhgate.com are durable and safe. Clean the loppers before using them on another plant. 2. Bypass secateurs The two sharpened blades work like a pair of scissors, making a cut as they pass each other. Visit enable-javascript.com Bypass secateurs are more suited to live green stems and stalks. Telescopic handles, when extended, increase the reach of the lopper – and reduce the cutting force you need. It should work smoothly without sticking, and you shouldn't have to grip the handles tightly closed to get it to engage. Secateurs are the main hand tool for most small pruning and deadheading jobs. Gardena Comfort Hedge … Pruning shears will have one of the three following blade designs: Anvil pruners have only one blade, which closes onto a flat surface, similar to a knife on a cutting board. Clever modern packaging allows you to "try before you buy". 2WP Ratchet Secateur, Loppers & Long Reach Garden Tools in NZ for 25 years. Visit Bunnings Warehouse New Zealand today to find your nearest store! Buy Now. Some models feature a compound-cutting action, where either a double-pivot system or a geared mechanism increases the leverage of the handles. High quality at hot prices. The FREE SHIPPING OFFER includes Rural Delivery but … The blade is usually on the right-hand side but some brands are also available in a left-handed version. Niwaki GR Pro S-Type Secateurs. Anvil secateurs One sharp blade snaps closed onto a flat metal surface. Bypass secateurs work like a pair of scissors. They are simple, yet stunning secateurs … If the branch is too big for the opening or you have to strain to make a cut use loppers instead. The blade can be sharpened from both sides and will still cut even when it is slightly blunt; as it can crush stems when dull, these are best … All secateurs listed in this … Light pruners that are easy to use by pensioners with a slightly weaker grip. Free Shipping NZ … When to use them: Bypass blades can be used for most cutting jobs from deadheading to trimming thin branches up to approximately 1cm in diameter. Kent & Stowe Garden Secateurs. Clean the blade after use by wiping it with a lightly oiled rag. The blade is sharpened on both sides and when the secateurs are closed the blade meets a flat metal or plastic block (the anvil). We also have spare parts for other products we supply, so it always pays to check with us for our after-sales service. New Zealand's Sole Importer, Master Distributor and Lead Service Provider. PILLAR TOOLS® 3050-1 Sure-Grip Secateurs $26.50 $24.00 PILLAR TOOLS® 3103A-6 Heavy-Duty Alloy Anvil Secateurs $39.50 $29.50 Wolf Garten RS4000 Premium Anvil Secateur $72.50 $67.50 The catches for locking secateurs in the closed position vary widely and are probably the greatest cause of irritation for users. Niwaki Rattan S-Type Secateurs. A handy tip is to colour the cutting edge of the blade with a black felt tip pen. $46.50 View Product. Sharpen only the bevelled blade edges. They have a scissor-like action where the cutting blade slices past a curved, unsharpened, slim jaw (beak) that supports the plant. When all traces of the pen have been worn away you are done. Get rid of rust Wipe metal blades with an oily soft cloth to keep them free of rust. Keep them clean Promote good garden hygiene by keeping pruning tools clean.

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